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Zenlog: What Do You Do?

Mr. Bar: When? Where? I do lots of things! (Tongue hanging)

Lexy: I do tomcats. (Wink wink)

Mr. Bar: You are completely useless.

Lexy: Not to the tomcats!


Pol: I’m an IT bear. I hate my boss. 

Pan: You hate all your bosses. I’m an educator, and I hate this question.  Who says “what do you do” means what do you do for a living? Could it be for fun? Or with others? 

Polisco: With others… in bed? (picking nose) 


LeDrun: Dos and don’ts, haves and have nots, Love and Fear, waves and particles, Now and Then, life and death. 

Jo: Poops …nd… pees! (paws clapping)