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The Universal Language

The universality of Love and Fear can relay what’s INSIDE you and communicate with the OUTSIDE world. In other words, Love and Fear speak theUniversal Language.

Our words may often deceive, but the Universal Language never lies.

For instance, when you are interested in someone or something, your Love charges up your Energy for further interaction.

Like a magnetic field, you form a Love field that everyone around you can perceive. Words are often redundant, but they help you radiate in multiple colors. Similarly, when you are not interested in someone or something, your Energy carries Fear warnings naturally designed to repel. And words are often employed to deceive or fog your true intent. 

When the interplay is out of Love, your Energy emanates joy and the desire of continuity; when the expression is out of Fear, your Energy gives off a vibe of unease and defensiveness. 

The Universal Language transcends nationalities and cultures.It’s a language of our essential motivations.

The unique Essence makes one distinct from another with particular traits and talents;

The Universal Language speaks to each other as one race.

The diversity of Essence enriches the world; the universality of Love and Fear unites us as One.

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