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Energy Dynamics: Law of Attraction

Love wants to play. Fear shies away.

Love draws in. Fear pushes out.

Love engages. Fear detaches.

Love desires. Fear prevents.

Love attracts. Fear repels.

– Ming Way


In quantum physics, a wave remains a wave until observed as a particle. In self-discovery, our unique potentialities remain a cloud of possibilities until realized through actions and interactions with the world. 

Love and Fear, like attraction and repulsion between energy charges, send signals to communicate your intent with the universe.

Everyday, we develop infinite thoughts and sentience. It is our Energy vibrating inside us, up and down like ocean waves. Most of them are flashy and transient. We don’t act upon all of them and, most of the time, just let them be.

At essential moments, the Energy waves are so intense that we are compelled to act upon them. In such cases, we’ll concentrate our Energy to form the words we want to say, actions we are about to take or decisions we are about to make. By interpreting the waves, either Love or Fear will give our actions a charge.

Fear-charged actions send out warning signals to repel certain situations for the sake of safety. Love-charged actions send out invitation signals to attract interactive experiences to realize our potentialities.

That is to say, Love desires a fruitful interplay by engaging; Fear secures a certain goal by preventing.

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