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Love Bond vs. Fear Ally

A Love Bond

Resonates with heartfelt signals

A Fear Ally

Fends off common enemies


Love and Fear are two Magic Powers that we were all born with. Without Fear, we wouldn’t survive in this world infested with artificialities, traps and violence. Without Love, however, we wouldn’t thrive as a unique person who creates, inspires and leaves a legendary wake that enlightens many. 

Along the journey, there are others. They enter our lives, physically or virtually, and make an eternal or ephemeral impact.  Some appearances are flashy; some interactions are transactional; some voices are white noise. However, there are always a couple of special ones who get close to and form a relationship with us. Among those relationships, some are Love Bonds. Others Fear Allies. 

A Love Bond forms when your Love resonates with another person’s Love. It could be physical or metaphysical. Either way, a Love Bond radiates in a spectrum of colors:

  • It sparks a romance like the mutual attraction between the positive and negative poles.
  • It creates deep attachment like Mother and Child.
  • It fulfills your quest like two atoms forming a covalent bond.
  • It transforms you like a chemical reaction between substances. 
  • It vitalizes you through resonance between two frequencies.
  • It inspires your imagination to create as the two Loves interplay.
  • It reflects your Essence and illuminates you who you truly are.

A Fear Ally forms when your Fear joins with another person’s Fear. You build a shared frontline to fend off a common enemy/enemies. Like a Love Bond, a Fear Ally could be built on concrete foundations or abstract beliefs. Either way, a Fear Ally fashions in different hats:

  • It makes you feel safe and anchored in a new environment/context/mission/phase of life.
  • It reinforces your thoughts, feelings and behaviors with mutual agreements.  
  • It empowers you to have another player on your side.
  • It justifies your anger and frustration toward the common enemy.
  • It bestows a sense of belonging to you as you fight against someone or something together. 
  • It entails some exclusive benefits and/or privileged access to fend off the unwanted parties.
  • It identifies you in contrast to your common enemy.  

Both Love Bonds and Fear Allies are essential to living and being. They could harmoniously co-exist in a relationship, e.g. a wholesome family, a healthy marriage, a sound romance. Lack of Love Bonds in life may result in apathy, meaninglessness and emptiness whereas lack of Fear Allies may put you at risk among social animals. In a nutshell, Love bonds via diversities to enrich and prosper; Fear allies through similarities to ward off and secure. Be mindful of the relationships in your life. 


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