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Zenlog: Fear

Polisco: I have no Fear! (roaring)

PanRoo: Don’t you drive a bullet-proof car?

PanRoo: As a colored animal, a woman and an immigrant, I pretty much live in Fear. I’m scared of going out at night alone. And even in broad daylight, I could easily become a victim of robbery, rape, hate crime, animal trafficking, speciesism, sexism, body shaming, slut-shaming…

Polisco places his chubby bear paw on his forehead and flashes a letter “L” at Pan.


Mr. Bar: My biggest Fear is being abandoned by the masters again. Thank you for adopting me. (howling)

Lexy: Because you are a filthy dog. You never bury your own poop!

Mr. Bar: I poop outside, ok?!

Lexy: My biggest Fear is never making it and dying an ordinary cat. I wish I could live as long as a tortoise. (sighing)


LeDrun: Fear is vigilant; Fear patrols; Fear observes; Fear identifies; Fear analyses; Fear evaluates; Fear makes judgment calls; Fear reacts; Fear closes up; Fear excludes; Fear toughens up; Fear fights; Fear is protective; Fear defends; Fear is practical; Fear repels. Fear…

Joecub: Mama…Dada…(cooing)

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