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What is Essence in Self-discovery?

Essence encapsulates you 

As a mysterious one

Identity radiates you

In a spectrum of colors


Self-identity and self-discovery are two sides of a coin. We cannot understand one without referring to the other. However, the overemphasis of Identity commonly tips the balance and leaves one’s Essence in the shadow of ignorance. 


1. Identity and Essence

Identity is the extrinsic presentation of the self to the world. Name, age, weight and height, sex and sexual orientation, color of the hair and eyes, profession, social status, marital/ parental status, etc. 


Essence, on the other hand, comprises the intrinsic potentialities that we were born with. Raw talents, great physicality, inner qualities, natural dispositions, unique personalities, etc. In other words, Identity shows who you are recognized as; Essence indicates who you truly are.


2. Essence is unique

Identity often falls into categories. Essence, however, is unique to each individual. “There are no two identical leaves in the world, nor two humans.” Our Essence is a naturally and uniquely endowed mixture that distinguishes us from one another. It is our mark or signature that makes us novel and distinctive, among others. 

“What is my Essence?” is one of the fundamental questions on the journey of self-discovery.


3. Essence and the Law of Attraction

The self-discovery journey is an interactive experience guided by the Law of Attraction. Essence exists inside us as potential. Nobody can decipher its nature except us, seeking it within ourselves. And the way to discover it is through the Law of Attraction. Take note of what real life experience attracts to you, excites within you, stimulates you, ignites your passion, and brings you joy and fulfillment.


4. The imbalance

However, caution the imbalance. 

Identity overpowers the Essence when we focus too much on how or what to present to the world, and so we lose the essential touch with our Essence. We inorganically become superficial, impatient, insincere, dishonest, vain or fake. Identity becomes an empty show; Essence is jailed beneath the surface. 

In the reverse (less commonly) where Essence overwhelms the Identity, we concentrate too much on the inner world, but lose the essential connection with others. We remain disconnected, unknown, unfulfilled, invalidated, unsuccessful, misunderstood and misfit. Essence becomes an erupted volcano that buries Identity beneath the ash.

Organically, Identity and Essence maintain a dynamic balance, like inhale and exhale, ebb and flow. What we perceive inside will manifest on the outside with our unique signature. Your manifested self-identity is like leaving your footprints in the snow. Your self-discovery journey is taking the time to turn around and trace your steps.



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