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Does the Universe Give You What You Want?

Achieve without experiencing

Arrive without venturing

Die without living

                                                                                           -Born Rich, Learn Poor

We are a goal-oriented society. From school life to career path, personal resolutions to social achievements, we set one goal after another. In retrospect, what is the goal of life? Or is that the wrong question to ask? If a goal is something out there for us to reach, what is in here that we miss?


A goal is not an experience. It is the finishing line, the destination, the arrival or the consummation of certain experiences. 

A goal is an outside aim that we want to achieve: a job we want to land, a promotion we want to get, a business we want to start, a skill we want to learn, a place we want to go, stuff we want to buy, a new diet we want to try, etc. 

An experience does not need a goal. It could be natural, random, and spontaneous, like a breeze touching our hair or raindrops on our face.

An Experience is our inside energy fluctuations during processual interactions with outside energy. We have wide interpretations of the energy dynamics: information, perceptions, thoughts, consciousness, feelings, emotions, moods, sensations, etc.    

We cannot experience a goal, or set an experience.


We set a goal to achieve at some point in the future.

It could be as near as the next meal or as far as to cross off the last item on the bucket list.  Near or far, there is a finishing line (sometimes we call it a deadline) accompanied by applause and celebrations in various shapes and forms.

But we can only experience now. 

Past experience is not experience; they are memories. Future experience is not experience either; they are imaginations, aspirations, visions, or suspicious marketing strategies by tech companies. All experiences are current happenings, continuously flowing, constantly changing. 

We cannot experience the future, or predict a feeling. 


The answer is NO. If what you want is a goal.

Whether it is a million dollars, a dream car or a house, it is not a current happening that involves the dynamics between your energy and that of the universe. Instead, it is a hypothetical finishing line we’ve marked in our mind or set by other parties. No energy, no interaction, no fluctuation, no message. 

The answer is YES. If what you love is the interactive experience.

Meet an interesting person, explore a new place, read a thought-provoking book, learn new skills, work with an inspiring team, run your own business, share your ideas and creations for mutual wealth, or impart your wisdom and knowledge to thirsty minds. 

The thoughts and feelings fluctuate inside you and send out the beacon frequency. The signal will meet the receptor, nearby or somewhere in the universe. 


Naturally, a goal is a mark drawn on a continuum of experiences. With or without it, the experiences move on. 

For the interactive experiences we love, the universe will respond with resonance and resources. However, if you find yourself only wanting to achieve the goal, but really struggle with the entailing experiences — time to pause and reflect. Is your goal essential or viral?

Essential goals reflect your Essence – they manifest your intrinsic potentialities, cultivate your raw talents, radiate your great potential and empower your inner qualities. 

Viral goals feed on your Fear – you might be afraid of failing family expectations, social preferences, group-approved life styles, institutionalized recognitions, so on and so forth. 

Essential goals cherish the experience. Viral goals justify your pain with results.


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