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Decision Making: Fear Guards, Love Guides

Love guides self-discovery

Fear guards along the journey

A natural escort

Fear protects boundaries

An essential phare

Love illuminates unique potentialities

– Ming Way


We live in a dangerous world. The luxury of self-discovery wouldn’t exist without knowing how to protect ourselves on the road. All Love and no Fear breaks the natural design of the Yin Yang balance. Luckily, we were born with a natural arsenal for self-defense.

Fear is the Essential Guard along the journey of self-discovery. 

Like Love, Fear is the other essential drive that transforms our Energy into actions. Unlike Love that enlightens and creates, Fear turns our Energy into self-protective actions in necessary situations. 

What are the secret weapons of Fear?

Fear turns natural vigilance into patrolling activities to ensure your safety. Using keen observation and past knowledge/experience, Fear makes sure that we fully understand what’s going on when entering a new situation. 

Fear protects our boundaries when faced with invasion. When we get close to others, sometimes, they end up trespassing our essential boundaries. Fear, in that case, sends out loud warnings to protect the sovereignty of our unique Essence. 

Fear exhibits wisdom during negotiations. Wisdom comes from understanding the dynamics of all perspectives in one context. As we constantly move forward in life, it’s inevitable that we are somehow in each other’s ways. When such encounters happen, Fear will negotiate a solution for co-existence. 

Fear hides our Essence when insecure. Bluffing, camouflaging, acting, deceiving, excusing, bunkering, etc. Fear enables us to avoid undesired disruptions and deviations on the journey.

Finally, Fear is our survival instinct when faced with dangerous situations that cannot be predicted, prevented, negotiated or avoided. Under such circumstances, Fear will summon everything you have got to conquer the impossible. 

Like a Yin Yang circle of balance, Love and Fear maintain their natural harmony: Love Guides, Fear Guards. Fear is to survive as Love to thrive.

Love decisions are joyous and continuous. When we look back and connect dots, we see glorious rays radiating from our heart to the outside world. They cross other Love rays and reflect, illuminating the answers for which we are searching. 

On the other hand, Fear decisions are made out of necessity or urgency. They are self-protection responses to potential dangers or risks along the road. Fear decisions are scattered radiantly and reactively, coalescing to form a spherical space where we feel safe and secure. 

Check your balance.

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