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Zenlog: Self Introductions

Mr. Bar: Woof-woof! I’m BarKockalotte with the emphasis on “Kock”!

Lexy: Meowoo-meowoo! I’m Purrplexy. Call me Lexy because I’m damn sexy!

Mr.Bar: You are not sexy. You are a cat.

Lexy: Says the neutered dog.

Mr. Bar: Call me Mr. Bar! (growling)


Pan: I’m PanRoo, a diligent and worldly panda kangaroo.

Pol: You mean a nerdy immigrant from another planet. I’m Polisco, a polar bear who controls everything!

Pan: Please. Control your weight if you can.

Pol:  Quiet, woman! (roaring)


LeDrun: The name LeDrun and the nameless tortoise is One. By embracing the name and namelessness, are you able to keep them from separating? (chanting)

 Jo: Jo…cub, Jocub! (giggling)

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