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Yin Yang Balance: Love Guides, Fear Guards

Love guides self-discovery

Fear guards along the journey

A natural escort

Fear protects boundaries

An essential phare

Love illuminates unique potentialities

– Ming Way


A self-discovery journey is a circular path, along which we manifest and reflect on our naturally endowed potentialities – our Essence.  

Love and Fear, like Yin and Yang in Taoism, remain in harmonious balance when in a natural state.

Love is the Essential Guide along the journey of self-discovery.

As independent individuals, we are responsible for every decision we make in our lives. But only those made out of Love illuminate a person’s unique Essence. 

So, what is Love?

Love is the essential drive that transforms our Energy into actions. 

Love turns intrinsic curiosity into adventure and exploration. 

Love turns natural talents into masterful performance.   

Love turns inner passion into unwavering devotion. 

Love turns wild imagination into miraculous creation.

Everybody is an artist when in Love. The unique potentialities remain a cloud of possibilities until we paint them out with our own choice of color and brush. 

Self-discovery is also self-creation. And creation happens when one Love bonds with another. Thus all self-creation is co-creation. When the joy of creation radiates, you see a mirror on which your Essence reflects. 

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