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Zenlog: Essence

Pan: What is Essence? Like essential oil?

LeDrun: It’s your naturally endowed potentialities, like a cloud of possibilities.

Mr. Bar: I’m a police dog!

LeDrun: Being a police dog is not essential. It’s a social identity.  

Lexy: I’m beautiful!

Bar: You are such a narcissist.

Lexy: Shut up Uggo.

LeDrun: Beauty is not essential. It’s an external judgment.


Pol: I’m essentially the boss of everything.

PanRoo: Try not to fart. So, if I list off my personal information like age, sex, species, profession, marital status, children, income…

LeDrun: All nonessential!

Inspired by his mother’s comments, Jocub bends over and presents a wet, coy, squeaky cub fart.

LeDrun: THAT is essential. (nose-covering)

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