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Who is an Essential Observer?

In quantum theory, each particle can also be described as a wave.  While a particle has a certainty in measurements, a wave renders probabilities of existence. The key player between certainty and probabilities is the measurement, or we call it the “observer.”

Seems unfathomable. What’s more unfathomable is the “self.” Is the self a measureable certainty or a cloud of probabilities? Our intelligence orients us toward the answer: “BOTH.”

I refer to the particle entity of the self the Identity, whereas the wave entity of the self the Essence.

The Identity is the socially recognized self: name, gender, age, education, profession, marital and parental status, achievements, etc. The Essence, on the other hand, is the naturally endowed potentialities that are unique and distinctive: strong potential, raw talents, intrinsic qualities, natural dispositions, etc.And the key player that identifies your unique potentialities is the Essential Observer.

They REFLECT your inner qualities, NOT your social achievements.

An Essential Observer is also an Essential Participant because there is no observation without energy participation. Therefore, appreciate those in your life who see your potential, cultivate your skills, dream your dreams, and join your pursuits. Because they are all your Essential Observers. 

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