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The Love of Attraction…The Magic Force to Create

There are two magic forces

Essential to the being

One is called Love

The other Fear


I’ve always wondered if animals have imaginations. I wonder whether birds imagine that they could swim in the deep ocean; or whether whales fancy flying in the blue sky. I surely have imagined both. 

Then I recall my experiences of flight and scuba diving. Ok. My dreams have come true, in some ingenious ways created by our civilization. Then I ponder: there has to be a magic force that turns imagination into creation. Or as we say, to make our dreams come true. 

This magic force — I call Love. 

Like an electric charge, Love is a charge that builds inside us. The dynamics of our energy inside, which we call ideas, thoughts, memories, knowledge, feelings, sentiments, perceptions, intuitions, desires, etc., persist naturally at an equilibrium.

The introduction and build-up of a Love charge breaks that equilibrium at the threshold where our imagination forms a magnitude and direction with enough concentrated energy. That point is called a decision — a decision with its momentum, its signal and its entailing action. 

Like a physical force, Love interacts with the world outside us and all around us. Love-motivated actions carry a signal that can resonate with others to attract recognition and participation; Love focuses our energy on actions that bring imagination to life.

Via our natural tendency to rebalance, we portend toward a new equilibrium beyond the previous one to align ourselves with any new decision. A Love decision that emerged from our imagination opens up a new space that beckons the infusion of other energy to create. Therefore, the Love force felt by others is like a pull, or attraction, inspiring them to contribute. When the creation process is consummated, a new equilibrium is reached.  

So dream on. Free your imagination. “…Imagine the things you love to do, places you love to be, and people you love to spend time with. And above all, imagine the life you would love to create and the unique individual you would love to grow into. When you reach that state, you’ll sense the strong Love-charged momentum WITHIN. Don’t be afraid. Your Love force is strong and vibrant to attract the right energy for creation…” from BORN RICH, LEARN POOR.

Just pay attention. 

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